Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thank the Baker, Will Ya?

Thanks to hubby, I left work yesterday with brownies on the brain.  (We'd been chatting on Google Talk and were both starving, he mentioned he found day-old brownies in the cafeteria, blahblahblah)

So, on the way home with the boys I stopped at the grocery store under the guise of picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. After picking up the chicken (and some cornbread, suggested by Will) I made a beeline for the bakery section.  I was delighted to find an 8-pack of chocolatey goodness.  Will was very excited and wanted to bake the brownies the SECOND we got home so that they'd be ready for our dessert.  I explained that they were already cooked.  This took a minute to process, I guess he hadn't realized that you can "buy" brownies.  Then he rushed over to the bakery counter and yelled, "Hey!  Thanks for baking the brownies.  Now my mom can give them to us tonight instead of making us wait til tomorrow!" 

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