Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twenty Percent

This is what twenty percent of a sweater looks like:

I kind of wish I had one of those dress forms made out of an old t-shirt and duct tape like Julie over at Knitting at Large.  It would be my precise measurements and I could see how this puppy is fitting as I go along instead of the "big reveal" at the end.  I know that I saw a class online showing how to do them, but why pay the money when you can find the directions online?  Yeah, I likely will not take the time to do this, but it's cool.  Especially the one dress form model that used "fireworks" printed duct tape!

Since I apparently have the attention span on a gnat, I started two new projects recently.  One is a lace scarf for myself.  It's not a cold weather scarf per se, as it is laceweight yarn (practically thread) more of a pretty autumn accessory.  No time limit on this one.  My knitting group is also having a beach swap, so I'm working on a cotton beachbag.  And I still have a sock on the needles, I haven't forgotten about my first (to-be-completed) sock!  However, I am very much wishing I'd done a gauge swatch, 'cause the sock is knitted loosely and no longer going to fit me.  So now they will be a gift dad!

What's on your needles these days?

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