Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Friends

A bunch of old HS friends get together on a rainy Saturday afternoon for lunch at hanging out at Bertucci's.  Four people head back to my house for coffee and cookies.  (mmm....cookies.)  We then realized that we didn't get any pics of our group at Bertucci's and decide better late than not at all!

Everyone piles on the couch, just like we used to at Kari's house!

First Will does a drive-by mugging for the camera with his pirate ship.

More or less the photo that we were going for.  That's a pirate ship in Ro's lap, and Joey loved Beth so much that he wanted to go home with her!  (Lady, I love you!  Take me with you....they don't pay me any attention here!)

Will, Toby, and Joey coming in.  Silliness all around  :)


Jenny said...

That first picture is pretty cool!!

toastqueen said...

It was great! Thanks for having us back to your house!