Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two "Babies" Sleeping

Lately Will gives us a really hard time about going to bed.  He says that he doesn't want to sleep alone, and that he doesn't want just stuffed animals that he talks to and they don't talk back.  Usually he calms down some and one of us is able to send him back to his bed.  Finally he'll be exhausted enough to just sleep, but will often wake up at 2AM to come and wake us up.  Many times I'm too tired to fight and don't want to wake up any more than I already have and tell him to get a pillow and blanket to bunk on our floor.  Which is usually what he was trying to get in the first place!

This wreaks havoc on this working mama, and the working papa too.  Tonight he threw an especially big fit, and I, being the only adult home at the time, came up with the brilliant idea of putting him in with his brother.  Sean was already in dreamland, having missed a nap today he fell asleep as soon as I shut the door behind me.  I told Will that if he woke up Sean, I was going to be angry and he was going back to his room.  He made a solemn promise that he would not wake him up.

I just peeked in on them and the two of them are fast asleep:  Sean in his crib and Will on top of a Toy Story sleeping bag on the floor.  It is so sweet and adorable, my two "babies" sleeping in the same room.

It's not a forever solution, but it worked for me tonight.  I'd take a picture, if I didn't worry about waking them up!


asplashofsunshine said...

It must be a 3/4 year old thing. Kev was an excellent sleeper until he was almost 4, then for about 6 months, he woke up at least once a night. Luckily, all he needed was reassurance that we were still alive, but it was still draining. It'll pass. I'm sure seeing the boys sleeping in the same room was super cute! I demand a pic next time. :)

adventures in rhode island said...

dude, we all do what we have to do! boy, do i have stories :) sleep issues are so hard. they affect everything. i know they all go through these types of phases, so i'm hoping it's a short passing phase for you. xo