Thursday, June 23, 2011

What We All "Need"

Here's a fun little time-waster!  Type your first name into Google and the word "needs."  The results are entertaining.

"Ginny needs a loving home."
Well, doesn't everyone?  I have a loving home.  Perhaps there's a Ginny out there that still needs one.  I hope that she finds it.

"Ginny NEEDS to wear a bikini!"
No.  No I don't.  And you can't make me.

"Ginny needs a break and so do we."
Yes!  Thank you!  You are speaking my language.  :)

"Ginny needs to die." 
Wow.  I don't even know you.  That hurts.

"Ginny needs to leave that monkey alone!"
OK, you told me.  I'll do it!  Soon as he finishes my laundry.

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Magee K. said...

That is too funny! I might have to borrow this idea for a post :-)