Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Week of Healthy Living

No, I'm not going to do a play-by-play of diet crap every week.  But I thought the first week was worth noting. 

I had my appointment with the nutritionist, as stated before, and she told me to eat normally for a few days and then look to make changes.  Well, I've found two major areas to work on, and here they are:  I have a serious sweet tooth.  Left to my own devices with things like leftover Halloween candy (still in the house!!) I will eat it, piece by piece until it is alllllll gone.  If I'm stressed out the sugar is the first thing I go after.  Brian and I have a nightly ice cream habit to break.  Which is the HARDEST thing!  After a full day of being Mom and Manager, I feel justified in having a bowl of ice cream.  He feels the same justification.  The second thing:  I am guilty of the Time Crunch Munch. You know what I'm talking about....not taking the time to eat properly because of a busy schedule.  Your Thursday Afternoon should not be sponsored by half a hot dog and two bites of food-program coleslaw.  That kind of lunch doesn't make for a productive afternoon.  So I need to stop expecting it to!

As much as I hate this statement from my Weight Watcher Days, it really rings true:  "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail."   (I hate admitting anyone is right and I'm wrong.)   So after my last day of eating whatever the hell I wanted, I spent some time planning.  I steamed spinach to go with eggs and toast for breakfast.  We're transitioning Sean to table foods, so I made enough butternut squash (my favorite) for ALL of us.   I came up with ideas to get more protein. I set my phone alarm to remind me to eat snacks during the day so I don't attack the junk cabinet at home upon pulling in the driveway.  And so far, so good.


Sally HP said...

I can so relate to the sweet tooth! A super quick breakfast i found while doing the game on challenge was this: grab two BIG handfuls of spinach and put them in a sillet that's been lightly spritzed with olive oil cooking spray and just kind of push them around until they're wilted (I added garlic at this point) then add three egg whites until they're mixed in, and use a tiny bit of salt and pepper to taste and top with crumbles of low-fat feta cheese. Eat with one slice of whole grain toast that's been lightly drizzled with EVOO and a little salt on top if you need the salty taste of butter. FULL for a long time, and all food groups represented! It takes less than 5 minutes from start to on your plate. I'm excited to see how you do, and how things go for you!

adventures in rhode island said...

good luck, ginny. sounds like you are off to a great start. these types of changes are so hard to do but it sounds like you have good and realistic attitude, which will only help you be successful! xo

asplashofsunshine said...

Good for you! I will be taking lessons from you, as I have been from Jason. He's losing weight without trying. He's been making changes steadily over the last 2 years and looks great... kinda like what you are doing. I've recently taken bits of it, like only rice cakes at night or maybe something to drink, but nothing else. OR one helping at dinner, not 12. :) He also begins every morning with fiber, ewwwww. I'm learning to love Grape Nuts and oatmeal though, rather than a frozen waffle or bagel. It's truly a lifestyle change. I need to get off my booty toooooo! Bummer. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing what you're doing! Like Sara's tips for breakfast, too! Will give it a try; my breakfasts (and sweet tooth!) is pathetic!