Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We've given an informal nickname to the Little One...."The Destroyer."  He is our curious wild child, the one that wants to know what is in EVERY drawer, under everything, how the dishwasher works and is constantly set out to prove that no matter how much, we cannot vacuum enough.  Childproofing was invented because of him and nothing is safe, sacred or left untouched.  We of course, took great care in childproofing our home for both children, but the Big One didn't challenge it quite as much.  So with The Destroyer, you must always have a watchful eye. 

On our way home from PA yesterday, Sean informed us consistently that he is not a fan of long drives.  Mostly by screeching his displeasure, he screamed between naps.  Every time he fell asleep was a welcome reprieve.   Not surprisingly, he disliked the drive home more than the drive there.  Poor buddy, I don't like driving home either.  Somewhere between the MA and CT borders, I handed him my scarf to play with, which usually brings a smile.  And it did not disappoint, our Little One was quiet and played with my scarf for a bit, bringing some peace to our vehicle. 

Unfortunately, when I got the scarf back, it was my turn to shed some tears.  For the beautiful lace that I had created, from yarn purchased while on vacation in Wisconsin, has been disfigured.  Huge strings of yarn have been yanked, by a curious baby who liked the texture of my work.  Although I was sad, I wasn't angry because I have no one to blame but myself for giving it to him.  The scarf is still wearable, as the cool calculation of The Destroyer caused him to pull from the exact center of the scarf.  If I angle properly, the pulls are hidden by my hair and no one can see it.  But *I* know it's there....

Luckily, this violation was discovered in the parking lot of my absolute favorite yarn store.  A nice big skein of Araucania wool/silk blend purchased in a magenta/purple colorway, I vow to rebuild.  :)

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