Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jack Frost Nipping at Our Noses

I was totally unprepared for today's frost.  The winter coats have been broken out for the boys, and I've picked out yarn to make a hat for Sean.  His coat is adorable, it's tan and white with red accents and Winnie the Pooh patches.  ($4.00 at Savers!  How can you go wrong??  Yeah, it's used.  So what!)  Now I just have to pick out a pattern to make him, which I'm having a tough time choosing.  Brian said to go simple just to get a hat on the poor kid's head, but he's wearing a  hand-me-down right now so it's not an imminent emergency.  I just want something different and a little more challenging.

In other news....Fiber Festival this weekend!  No, it's not a party dedicated to eating oatmeal and bran.  I'm talkin' YARN!!!!  I know, I've made an excellent case for never needing any more yarn after "flashing my stash" a few posts back.  However, I have some specific shopping to do, and I've signed up for two swaps on Ravelry.  The first is a "Winter Sanity Swap" where you send a bag, yarn, pattern, treat and holiday ornament to your parter.  The second is a Birthday Swap, where you make your partner something, and send it with some yarn and birthday goodies.  I'm pretty excited about both of these events and have already started putting together my packages.  My Winter Sanity partner lives in Arizona, and I've always wondered what people in AZ knit/crochet!  My Birthday Swap partner hails from Maine, not too far from the Canadian border.  So there's plenty of things for her to make that are useful to her family.  :)


asplashofsunshine said...

It's 77 here today, and 78 tomorrow. Need a vacay???

Anonymous said...

"Fiber Festival" just cracks me up!