Monday, November 8, 2010

New England Fiber Festival!

I went with a group of knitty friends (and my mom and SIL, who are also knitters) to the Fiber Festival out at the Big E Complex in W. Springfield, MA yesterday.  All I can say is Yarn, Yarn, YARN!!!!  Rows and rows of yarn purveyors, stitch marker sellers, pattern people, and anything else you can think of.  Such a happy place.  Knitters and crocheters are at their happiest either looking at new yarn or perusing new projects, or finishing up something and binding off.  Lots of happiness around yesterday, with people commenting about what knitted items others were wearing ("Omigosh!  So pretty!  Where can I find the pattern?  What did you use for yarn?  Such gorgeous color!  It's our own version of the red carpet, minus Joan Rivers)

Besides the obvious (yarn!  yarn accessories!) we got to see a collie herd up some ducks, a sheep shearing demonstration and got to pet some alpacas.  Alpacas are the softest animals ever.  And if I'd had a spare $1250 lying around and room in my car (ha ha) I could have brought a pair of them home.    The dog and duck demonstration was hilarious.  The ducks kept dividing into two groups and while the dog was going after one group, the others would run in the other direction and "laugh!" 

All in all, an awesome day, with a fun bunch that "gets it."  They understand the joy of looking at and touching yarn, even if it is too damn expensive to come home with me.   I came home with a big bag of yarn for myself and my swap partners, some goodies and some new buttons.  Oh, and a million more ideas of things I'd like to make for gifts and for myself.  My head is spinning!!

(I have great photos to add, but they'll come later.)

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Alicia said...

:-( Wish I was there. Sounds like fun!