Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Sanity Swap

Recently I had signed up for a Winter Sanity Swap through Ravelry.  Just a little holiday fun.   The purpose of a Winter Sanity Swap is to give your partner a little piece of Winter Sanity.  It's a knit/crochet kit that's designed for you to take it out when things start to get crazy and go awry and you soothe yourself back to some semblance of relaxed.  (Or at least less frazzled)  People were supposed to post answers to questions about patterns likes and dislikes, details about your holiday celebrations, and then you go and "stalk" your partner by reading their answers.

The Swap is now winding down and I've really enjoyed shopping for my partner.  I'm now finished and ready to box it all up and ship to Arizona.  Based on my "stalking" her posts, here's what I'm sending her:

--Three skeins of Jojoland Tonic yarn in what I would describe the color as Sonic Blue.  (the same color as my last car, and I loved it!)
--A pack of three Boye aluminum crochet hooks
--a pack of tapestry needles
--a shawl pattern called "Walden."  Despite it being Arizona, I've been there in December and i know it gets cold at night!  I kept the yarn fiber light though, it's an acrylic/wool blend.
--Two snowflake ornaments, one blue and one silver.
--a package of Goldfish, themed "Twelve Days of Christmas.  (Target find today!  Might make a good stocking stuffer for a certain four-year old, and it's pretty cute)
--Lindt dark chocolate truffles
--Chai Tea
--Unicorn stitch markers
--and lastly, a fabric drawstring bag to store the project while she's working on it.  It's a black background with lots of multicolored snowflakes.  I can't take credit for it, it's another fabulous Etsy find.

Then, one night last week I came home to a box from Missouri sitting on my coffee table.  It was MY winter sanity swap package!  I was one of the first ones in the group to receive a package.....and what a nice one it is!

--Handmade crocheted project bag
--Handmade crocheted wrist warmers in the same variegated yarn
--Lindor White Chocolate Truffles
--Scented Pumpkin Candle
--Felted Christmas pin
--Handmade green and silver beaded stitch markers from Etsy.  (Seriously, who doesn't love Etsy??)
--Christmas drink coasters
--Tapestry needle for darning those pesky ends in your project
--two sets of aluminum circular needles, size 7
--a pattern for the Laodice shawl, one that I have been coveting in my Ravelry queue to make for myself
--three skeins of Imagination hand-painted sock yarn in a colorway called "Evil Stepmother."  SO soft and pretty!

To my swapper----thank you, thank you!  To my swapee...Enjoy!  (though I hope that you are not reading this)

Next up is the Birthday Swap!

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