Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Miles? Really???

Know how people say "every little bit adds up?"  I updated the KnitMeter on my blog with my latest project last night and I'm shocked to see that it is at 4.89 miles!  If you take all of the yarn that I've used for my projects thus far this year alone, the yarn would stretch almost five miles.  That's almost my entire commute from my house to my job!  Most of the projects are little ones, like the baby hats I'm doing for charity or some scarves.  I do have two big projects in there, though.  And I'm thinking of queueing a pattern for a new blanket for my couch next year, to snuggle under and watch TV.  I still have my celestial blanket from my college days, but it's certainly seen it's share of turmoil. 

Wow.  I'm still shocked.  FIVE MILES!

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