Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dreaded Appointment

I was up bright and early this morning to get out the door on time....I had an appointment at the Weight Center with their nutritionist.

I've been dreading this.  I've been to a nutritionist before, when I had gestational diabetes, so I knew what this was going to be all about.   I was afraid that I'd be leaving with a "diet sheet" of things I can and can't have.   It was surprisingly not unpleasant, and I was hopeful when I left, feeling that I indeed can do this.  We spent an hour talking about my lifestyle, my eating patterns and habits and how to focus all of that around losing weight.  It turns out, I am excellent at maintaining my weight, and I'm like most people with some flaws but nothing truly terrible that cannot be fixed.    I left with a food journal and a calorie book.  I'm supposed to eat normally over the next two or three days but write it all down, and then look for places to change.  A couple of first goals:  curbing my sweet tooth a little and work on getting some protein at every meal. 

A month from today I start working with my group of peers in this weight loss center.  I'm getting a bit of a head start because I was supposed to start this in September and got wait-listed.  I am ready for this challenge!  Some people may think that I'm crazy for starting this right before the holiday season, but I really think it will be helpful in letting me indulge some but not go hog-wild!


Anonymous said...

"I was hopeful when I left, feeling that I indeed can do this..
That's INCREDIBLE! I'm very proud of you!

Jenny said...

First off, the word verification below is "imenstru" Gross!! Add and "ate" and you've got a very strange Apple app!!

Now that I've got that out of the way, I wanted to wish you luck and tell you I'm proud of you, and I too believe you can indeed do this!!