Friday, November 12, 2010

An Occasional Lesson

Meet my latest project:  I don't believe the recipient reads my blog so I can show it off.  This is a hooded baby blanket for a baby shower that I'm going to in December.  The yarn is Lionbrand's Nature's Choice Organic Cotton, in a colorway called Curaco.  I bought it in New York at the actual Lionbrand store, where it cost $5/skein.  The pattern called for three skeins so that is what I bought.

Knitting sometimes has a lesson for me.  Unfortunately, I tend to not listen sometimes until it repeats itself.  So....I can hear the laughter of the Knitting Gods as I run out of yarn at the 80% completion mark.  Well, we're that far into the project, there's no shelving it and picking something else, no time.  The big-box crafts stores (like Michael's) carry this particular yarn, but not in Curaco.  Actually, that's what drew me to this yarn, I'd never seen it in anything other than solid colors in stores.  So it's off to their website I go.

Gahhhhh!  Now the yarn is $8/skein, and the kicker is, it's an additional $4.10 to have it shipped.   One skein of yarn is going to set me back another $12.  But what can I do?  I'm over a barrel and need the yarn to finish the blanket.

Today's repeat lesson:  If the pattern calls for three skeins, BUY FOUR.    (hanging head in shame.)


Cate said...

oh, that sucks! I'm sorry.

amazon has it for around $9 shipped:

I've also had some luck on ebay, but I don't see that one right now (except in a three-pack.)

Crafty Mama said...

I saw the same 3-pack on ebay when I went looking but I didn't think of Amazon....and I know you can buy just about anything there! Ah well. Thanks for the tip, Cate!

CraftyMomof3 said...

20 years later I have still not learned that no shame! LOL