Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days

Well, most of Massachusetts called a snow day yesterday, and it turned out to be for naught.  I think we have like two inches out there.  Not like family and friends in Philly and Jersey!  My in-laws got 28 inches of snow last Saturday, and another 24 yesterday!  Snow like that....being stuck inside for that many days....with a toddler.....and a baby.....I'd lose my mind!!  There's not enough knitting or kiddo TV in the world that would keep us from going stir-crazy.

The thing is, it's usually us that gets that kind of snow.  When we first moved here, the first year someone in the neighborhood suggested that we buy a snowblower.  So young and naive....we said "nah....our driveway isn't too bad to shovel."  Ha ha ha hahahahahahaha!  Hysterical.  The first year we had so much snow it was ridiculous.  One particular storm dropped 2 1/2 feet in our area.  Good times, good times, getting all that snow cleared.  We certainly listened the next year and never looked back.

We haven't played in the snow at all yet this year.  That probably has to do with first being pregnant, and then having Baby Sean in the house!  Can't wait until Sean is old enough so we can take him outside to play, too!

Will's first time playing in the snow, 2008.  He loved it!

  Also 2008....he couldn't get enough of playing in the backyard. 

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CraftyMomof3 said...

We had a 4.3 earthquake here!