Friday, February 12, 2010

A Day in the Life...

In the past month, life has changed soooo much in this house.  Here's a glimpse of what the day has become like.

5:00am--wake up to a hungry baby.  Feed him while sleepily watching a rerun of "That Seventies Show" and wonder what Eric and Donna and the gang would be up to like thirty years later?  Get Sean back down after a burp and climb back into bed. 

6:45am--Will comes flying into the bedroom and yells "Hi Mommy!  It's morning time!"  Hops into the bed with me.  Usually he demands to have the TV turned on but today he lies down and wants to snuggle.  I've missed this; the last two mornings I've had to wake him up instead!  Zzzz......

7:45am--wake up, glance at clock and Gah!  Must get up right away.  Sean has a dr. appt in two hours.  Feedings, changes, the usual battle over brushing teeth....dropping Will off first....we'll be lucky if we make it!

Flurry of activity, all of us getting dressed or changed, trying to figure out what will be a quickie breakfast for me that can be eaten from one hand.  Checking of the diaper bags to make sure I've thought of everything.  ('cause you know I haven't.)  Ready to go, just need to stuff phone and wallet into Sean's diaper bag. 

9:15am--cell phone is dead.  Where's phone charger?  Seriously, where is it??  Run frantically around house, trying to locate charger.  Uh-oh, house is a mess and things are difficult to locate, in a word.  Frantically dial husband.  Dammit!  voicemail.  Search some more, toss stuff around, curse under breath, despite toddler's supersonic hearing.  Husband calls back, and charger is triumphantly located.  Yeah.  Some thirty miles away from where I'm sitting...hubby has it in his work bag.  Ugh! 

Swallow half-eaten bagel and cold coffee.  Come to the sinking realization that I don't have time to drop Will off first, and he must come to the doctor with us.  This already doesn't seem like a great idea, but have no choice.  However he was very good today so I feel lucky.  :)

Get to the doctor at 10AM, where the receptionist informs me of their "Fifteen Minute Rule" and that the doctor may not see us because we're exactly fifteen minutes late.  Fortunately, that's not the case and we get called in ten minutes later.  Sean's perfectly healthy (YES!) and has gained another pound and four ounces in two week's time.  Grow baby, grow!  Drop Will off, and then meet co-workers for lunch with the baby in tow.  Sean sleeps beautifully through lunch.  Has a bottle back at the office, and falls asleep again.  In fact, he's still sleeping, since we got home at 2:30pm.  Growth 'em!  Of course, this may mean he's going to be bright-eyed all night.  But it's given me time to clean up the house and catch up on Grey's Anatomy.

A day in the life of us.  Not a typical day, but nothing's typical anymore.  It's crazy, it's frustrating, it's fantastic! 


CraftyMomof3 said...

Isn't it surreal how motherhood can be the most frustrating, discouraging thing in your life, but you still love it? You would give your left arm to be home all day sitting on the floor playing playdough? Glad Sean's doing well. :)

Amy, Bryan and Zoey said...

WOW. That's all I can say! You are amazing. I feel like I can barely keep it together with ONE kid, and here you are acing it with TWO! Way to go!!