Friday, February 19, 2010

School Bells are Gonna Ring...

I decided that while I'm on maternity leave, I should do as much research as possible for pre-school for Will come September.  First, let me just scream "Preschool?????  Wasn't he just turning one like, yesterday????"  Uh-huh.  Our Big Kid is really a big kid!  He's smart as a whip and I know he's just going to love school! 

Anyway, I figured, since I'm home and I really just can't seem to sleep during the day (damn telemarketers and neighbors who bang their trash cans and argue in the driveway!) I should get some productive stuff done.  And this way I won't have to miss work later on to tour preschools and fill out applications and go through "the application process."

Yes, the application process.  I'm starting to wonder, am I applying for preschool or college?  I haven't seen any essay requests or SAT score inquiries, but it kind of feels like that.  And the cost!  Again....preschool or college?  I am waiting to hear if we were accepted into the town's preschool program via lottery.   Sean and I are touring one of the local private schools next week.  And one school won't return calls or inquiries, which is driving me crazy!  I feel like I'm waiting by the mailbox my senior year all over again, anxious to know if my recommendations were good or if the essay portion wowed 'em! be continued.

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asplashofsunshine said...

During the process, pay attention to two things. The attitude of the teachers and staff (not just the classroom that Will will be in) and the children's behaviors. The physical environment doesn't necessarily matter, well it does, but not utmost. Sometimes the most gorgeous looking playgrounds, and classrooms lead to snotty teachers and staff, and robotic children. Kevin is in the parks and rec preschool here, and is getting sooooo much out of it. The classrooms are kinda pathetic, but the "teachers" are teaching him social skills, and even academics. It isn't too expensive, unlike most other preschools that are exactly like you said, almost like college tuition. CRAZZZZY!