Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be My Valentine

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines aren't really a big deal in our house. A few cards, but no lavish gifts, flashy proclamations of love, etc.  Really, I've never been a big fan of the holiday.  You should tell people you love them every day of the year! 

Still, I like to do we do a little gift for the Big Kid, and this year we decided to bake something together.  So I picked out a Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake out of the new Cake Doctor cookbook that I had gotten for Christmas.  Now it's torture, waiting for it too cool just enough to be warm instead of molten!

Will and I had a lot of fun making Valentines for friends and family.



Sean, however, slept through the festivities.

In other news...knitting Olympics progress!  I started this scarf on Friday night during the opening ceremonies.  Here's the first 9 1/2 inches....only about 50 more to go!  Going for the gold!  :)

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