Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Knitting Olympics!

Knitting Olymics???  What on earth is that??

I'd first read about a Knitting Olympics of sorts on Ravelry.  (They call it the Ravelympics, cute!)  This is a challenge for knitters during the Winter Olympics.  The general principle is that you cast on a knitting project that is challenging to you during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics.  (which is tomorrow night)  You then must have the project finished by the time the torch goes out, seventeen days later.  Intrigued, I read more and was dismayed to find out that Ravelry has teams and signups are closed.  :(  Too bad, it sounded interesting.  I mean, if I was crazy.  Right??

Then I stumbled across a blog put out by none other than The Yarn Harlot  I had gotten one of her books from the library and enjoyed it so much that I ordered a copy on Amazon.  Guess what?  She's sponsoring her own Knitting Olympics!  No teams needed, it's just a challenge to yourself.   I thought about it overnight, and you know what?  I guess I need further proof that I'm crazy, 'cause I signed up!

Here are the rules, as quoted from her blog:

The 2010 Knitting Olympics

Eligibility: Any knitter who, embracing the "Citius, Alitius Fortius" ideal, would like to challenge themselves while embracing the Olympic spirit, and is just whacked enough to play along with me.

Concept: You must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, Friday, February 12, 2010 and finish before the Olympic flame goes out Sunday, February 28. That's 17 days.

1. The project must be a challenge for you to complete in 17 days.
2. There are no rules about what a challenge would be. Like the real Olympics, there are many areas to compete in. If you are a new knitter, then a garter stitch baby sweater might do...If you are experienced, use your own conscience.
3. While this is intended to be somewhat difficult (like the Olympics) it is not intended to ruin your life. Don't set yourself up for failure. (Olympic athletes may cry, but they do not whine pitifully, sob and threaten members of their family with pointed sticks because they haven't slept in five days. ) This is intended to (like the Olympics) require some measure of sacrifice, and be difficult, but it should be possible to attain.
4. No casting on before the flame is lit. (The opening ceremonies run from 6-8 pst. If you can't watch, then I'd pick a time in there.)
5. Finish before the flame goes out.
6. You may swatch before the games. (I consider this "training.")

The Knitting Olympics has only a gold medal. (There is only do- or do not.) Finishers get a gold medal button for their blog, their name entered into a draw for a chance at a prize from me, and the joy of knowing that they are an Olympic level knitter, no matter how experienced they are. You are only competing against yourself. (Well. And the Olympic schedule.)

Here's my Olympic Project:  Ta Daaaa!  The Meandering Rib Scarf.


Why is this a challenge for me?  I just learned how to do other stitching besides garter and stockinette.  I attempted to do this pattern about a year ago and it totally whipped my butt and stole my lunch money.  Now I'm back and more confident in my knitting abilities and I want to set out to prove it!
Wish me luck.....:)  Guess I'd better start my "training" and swatch tonight.  Oh, and it might not hurt to pick some yarn out of my stash and make sure I have the right needles!


CraftyMomof3 said...

Very cool. I haven't been on Ravelry in a to go check it out.

adventures in rhode island said...

that scarf is gorgeous, good luck with your challenge! it's a great idea, i'm all for stuff like that. i was cracking up with "it whipped my butt and stole my lunch money" hahahahaha!

Sally HP said...

Oh my! I'm doingthis! I bought the yarn for a sweater for my sister whose birthday is March 6th. Perfect!