Friday, January 31, 2014

...And Stay Out!

In my quest to blog more in 2014, here is a good topic:

Five Style Trends you hope Never Come back!

1.  Poofy bangs.  If you were a teenage girl in the late eighties/early nineties, you know what I am talking about.  It's the hairstyle you got up super-early to engineer, using a curling iron, multiple brushes and at least half a bottle of hairspray.  Not only was it ugly, the effort alone makes me hope that it never comes back.

2.  Pegged pants. Seriously, unless your pants are too long and it's a temporary situation, rolled up-pants make it look like you're expecting a flood.  Otherwise, get your damn pants hemmed!

3.  The Leotard.  Good grief.  These popped up everywhere when I was in junior high, usually under a vest.  And in a variety of fabrics, although I think my least favorite was crushed velvet.  Who's idea was it to make a "shirt" that you have to unbutton at the crotch every time you needed to pee?  Probably the same people that brought you  my next "fun" gem:

4.  Double (or even triple!) socks.  It was considered great fun for girls to layer on their white athletic socks.  I can remember wearing "School Colors" ones with blue and white for our hometown.  Not only is it silly-looking, it creates that much more laundry.  That's something I never cared about back in the day but since I'm the primary laundry-doer, I'm totally boarding that train now.  Plus, you had to jam them into your shoes and they were ridiculously hot.

5.  Neon anything.  Looking around me, I'm too late to stop this one.  Fluorescent colors are hot again, though instead of rocking an allover neon look, it seems to be just touches, like sneakers.  I remember doing a charity walk with my friends in junior high and we all sported a different neon color.  I was Hot Pink.  Ewwww!  Better than orange or green I guess, though only slightly better.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lord...the leotard!! Seriously, who thought this was genius?! Remember the short overalls with one strap buckled and one swinging around behind you, banging you on the leg? Also stupid. ;-) Fun post!