Thursday, January 16, 2014

Whatta Guy

Time for this Day Zero List Item

32.  Write a love letter to my husband

This particular blog post will be his love letter.   It'll probably make him blush a bit but I really don't think he'll mind too much. Instead of making it all mushy and squishy, I will instead shout to the world, Internet, why I married perhaps the best Man on Earth.

1.  He's got a twisted sense of humor, and so do I.  We laugh over so many things and have lots of jokes that only the two of us "get." 

2.  He is a wonderful father.  He's always got time to spend with his boys and teach them stuff.  He enjoys talking about Legos and watching Mythbusters with Will, and making jokes and playing Angry Birds with Sean.  He's been a very hands-on Dad from the very beginning....changing diapers, kissing boo-boos, doing the baths and soothing after nightmares.

3.  He's a team player and a good partner.  We divide the housework nicely for the most part.  My favorite thing is that he's always willing to fold laundry during Flyers games, even if it's five loads.  

4.  He's thoughtful, considerate and kind.  Most mornings he brings a cup of coffee to me while I am getting out of the shower.  Sometimes he takes my car and gets gas so that I don't have to worry about it.  And today he stopped by work to drop off a package of yarn that I had ordered, just so that I could work on a hat that I am knitting at Knit Night tonight!  How many guys would do that!

5.  He's an excellent cook, and loves to do it.  He also likes nothing more than having people over.  The more people to cook and show off his skills to, the merrier.

6.  And most importantly, he loves me at my best and he loves me at my worst.  He is proud of my accomplishments and gentle but willing to help me with my shortcomings.  

So there you have it....and this is an abbreviated list.  I love you, Brian!

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