Saturday, February 1, 2014

You know you’re a working mom when…'ve put food in the microwave to defrost for that night's dinner, only to come home and find it still in there.  It's definitely thawed, but now it's trash instead of dinner.'ve perfected the art of having breakfast while applying makeup. know EXACTLY how many minutes you have to get your kid to the bus stop, and take it to the limit every day.

....that second cup of coffee doesn't get made til you get to work.  And you enjoy it WAY more than the first because ti's usually a lot quieter.

....searching for your kid's homework/lovey/lunch before it's time to go can sometimes bring you to tears.

......there are five loads of laundry all washed and still sitting in baskets in your bedroom on Monday, and 3.5 of them are still there on Friday.  Because you've been living out of the basket all week, and so have the kids.'ve been forced to contend with a really gross mess after work because you had to choose between getting out the mop OR getting the kids to daycare. have amazing talents with a lint brush/a light mist of Febreeze to be able to wear clothes you pulled out of the hamper because you forgot to do laundry.  Again.

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