Thursday, January 2, 2014

E-Z Bake

We gave Will an Easy Bake oven for Christmas this year.  He loves to bake with his Dad so I thought it would be a cool gift.  He thought so too....upon peering in the bag, before gleefully shouting the contents he said "AWESOME!!!  Now, Dad....this is mine."  :)  We've already made chocolate chip cookies in it and I have to say, they weren't half bad.  it also came with mixes for vanilla and strawberry cakes, chocolate icing, whoopie pies and pretzels with nacho cheese sauce.

Tonight, Will wanted to make "pretzel appetizers" for when Dad got home from work.  We've got an "extended" winter break with two snow days, so we are all developing a bit of cabin fever.  So any ideas of new activities is great at this point!

The pretzels?  Tasted horrible.  The cheese sauce?  Beyond reproach.  Even Will said so, though not those exact words.  They had fun though, and have absolutely decided that it should be done again and again.  "Only we'll make just sweet things, Mom."  I've  played around on Pinterest a bit to see if one can make their own mixes for this thing instead of just buying the mixes that the Easy Bake Oven Manufacturer puts out.  Because that is obviously where they make their money, and I'll bet there are better-tasting ones out there.  After tonight, I know it for sure!

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