Sunday, January 19, 2014

Martha, Martha Everywhere

Scene:  breakfast on a weekday morning.  Eating scrambled eggs with peppers and cheese, while the kids are going about their morning routine.  I'm flipping through a magazine between bites, toggling headlines such as "Healthy Meals for 2014!" or "Decorating with a Nautical Theme."  (This is why I sometimes despise womens' magazines....they feel redundant.)  Then I see it.

Martha Stewart is coming out with a line of nutritional supplements for women.  

Seriously.   According to the website, there's six in the line, depending on what you are looking for, ranging from menopause help to strong hair and nails.  Or there's  the "Martha Stewart Essentials."  Or for the generic minded, a multivitamin.

OK.  I understand Martha being almost everywhere.  I wasn't surprised to run into Martha at the craft store, in the yarn and needles aisle, or by quilting or paint or glitter.  Heck, she is the QUEEN of GLITTER.  At my latest trip to Target, I was unfazed to see that she has a line of office supplies and organizational tools.  And I'm not a Martha hater.  I'm not the fan of Martha that some of my friends are....I've on-occasion enjoyed snippets of her magazine in a waiting area, and I was all for her coming out with a poncho pattern and getting people to knit it when she got out of prison.

But when did we start taking nutritional and medical advice from Martha Stewart?  Did I miss that bus?  Is she a doctor/nutritionist as well as the world's expert on dinner, dining and decorating?

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