Friday, May 7, 2010

Running on Empty

It seems like all the little things in my life are drying up or blowing out at the same time.  It's actually kind of funny.  I went to turn on the light in the bedroom closet the other morning, and it blew out.  Same thing with the dresser lamp this morning.  A knitting friend of mine is moving to Texas and when I took out my camera to get a couple of pics at the last meetup, it was out of battery power.  My cell phone has powered down on me several times this week because I keep forgetting to charge it.  BOTH printer cartridges were totally dry when I changed them this morning.  I made out a Mother's Day card for my MIL this morning, and guess stamps!  The best one is that I was totally surprised last night when my car's gas light came on.  Like, huh?  :)  I guess this is all a sign that things are REALLY BUSY right now!! 

1 comment:

Sally HP said...

You're doing great with all the stress you have!