Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Potty Conversation

The kids needed clothes for the warmer weather.  That's the only problem with having two boys....if they're not born in the same season you still need clothes!  So we went to Kohl's as a family to stock up.  I didn't have the double stroller, just the single.  So we tried to have Will walk with us in the store.    It was his first outing in a while where we let him walk instead of riding in a cart, and one of us was constantly telling him to come back/chasing him through the store and warning him not to touch anything.  Argh!  It wasn't too terrible though, and he needs opportunities like this to learn how to behave in the store, right?.  But by the time we were in line and he was taking off for the door, saying that he'd meet us in the parking lot, I'd had enough.  So I told Brian that we would meet him in the vestibule.

Getting there, I pointed to the bench and said "Sit."  Happily, he obeyed.  Then he realized that the room had one of his favorite things, an echo!  "Echo!  Echo!  Echo!"  The woman across the vestibule gave him a smile and said "Yes, there is an echo in here!"  Thank goodness for an understanding probably-Grandmother.  She struck up a conversation, asking Will his name and how old he was.  She then asked if he was going to go to school soon and Will answered "Yes, but I have to learn how to use the potty first.  But I don't know how!"  The lady smiled and said that his Mom would show him how some day.  He then turned to me and inquired loudly "Mommy, why don't I know how to use the potty?  I want to learn so I can go to school!"

So do I, Buddy.  So do I.  September is looming, and I'm starting to get a little anxious!  Now that he's talking about it like that and the weather's getting warmer, I'm feeling more hopeful than I was yesterday.

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Amy, Bryan and Zoey said...

Oooh, this is promising! Go, Will, go! Just remember to use the potty before you get on an airplane, okay??

(He'll get there, I promise! I remember, in the midst of the potty training debacle at our house, my good friend saying 'don't worry, do you really know any second graders who aren't potty trained?!? She'll figure it out!' I don't know how you are doing this while juggling a newborn, as well. You rock, girl.)