Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas

This morning, I was sipping coffee and reaching into my closet for my favorite black pants to wear to work.  Sean was crying in the background and I was well, more than a little distracted.  Like most mornings!  I found the pants, and proceeded to pull them on.  Huh.  These seem a little bit tight.  I just wore them last week.....did I gain like five pounds overnight?  Was the dryer not kind in the shrinkage of the waistband?  Nevermind.....they'll have to do.

  I met Will in the kitchen and proceeded to get ready for some potty training  (complete with screams of "NO I said I want a cookie but don't want to use the potty!  I used it lots of times but not today.")  I kneel on the ground to help him and get bathmat fuzzies allllll over my pants.  A little dog hair is one thing....but this is definitely noticeable.   Now I'm doing the Multitasking Mommy Dance, looking for the lint roller AND simultaneously making Will breakfast.  (Jealous much?)  I'm triumphant in my search and locate it on top of my dresser.  Damn, these pants really are tight!  I prop my leg on my bed and start to de-fuzz.  And........

Humph.  Don't get dressed in the dark, folks.  These pants clearly are NAVY BLUE and therefore not my favorite black ones.  Niiiiiice!  That would have made for an entertaining day at work. 

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Amy, Bryan and Zoey said...

HA! Sounds like something I would do, if I didn't wear glorified pajamas (scrubs) to work every day. Oh, and I also loved the post the other day about you being Daddy's boss. TOTALLY AWESOME.