Monday, May 10, 2010

The Old Gray Mare, She Aint What She Used to Be.....

Fabulous weekend at our house.  :)  Saturday night was my friend Alana's bachelorette party!  About a dozen ladies got together for dinner, a comedy show and after party at Twin River in RI.  What a place!  All the slot machines one could ever wish for, though we didn't touch any.  Dinner at a fantastic steakhouse. followed by a comedy show.  We tried to do a nightcap at a chinese restaurant/karaoke bar, but when we got there it was closed.  So we settled for a dance club in Worcester.  Hmmm.  This is how you know that you are old:  when instead of dancing like you did in college, all you can think about is how crowded it is and Good Gawd!  That floor is disgustingly dirty.  :)  We had rented an Excursion limo and had a cooler of drinks and even a Ladies' Night Soundtrack.  The maid of honor is the best party-planner EVER!  She seriously thought of everything and it was really a fun night for everyone!  I rolled in around 3AM, which in my world nowadays is unheard of.  Will bust into our room around 7AM and my darling husband got up to feed him and his brother breakfast.  Too bad I couldn't roll over and sleep though, my allergies were so bad I was up for good at 8:30am with coffee in hand. 

Mother's Day was very good, with cards from the boys and some books and my favorite:  peanut butter Lindt truffles!!   Then Will and I did a little bit of cleaning and Daddy mowed the lawn...and after that I got some uninterrupted knitting time while Sean gave me his Mother's Day gift...a three hour nap!  Later on we packed up the kids and Joey and went to visit Nana and Papa.  Then I had my afternoon crash and burn....where my brain started processing things more slowly until more caffeine was consumed.  By the time we got home at 8pm  I felt almost drunk from sleep deprivation.  We just don't recover from late nights out with friends like we used to, hmmm.  The fantastic weekend was well worth it, though! 

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Amy, Bryan and Zoey said...

Totally agreed. 10 pm is a late night for me now...and I remember back when 10 pm was the time we were JUST. GETTING. STARTED. Oh how things change. ;-)