Thursday, March 22, 2012


This is a potato chip scarf.  The reason why it is called that is because supposedly "you can't have just one."

I knit it from yarn I picked up in New Hampshire when I went to visit my friend Maureen last November, her local yarn store was an absolutely cool place and I'm jealous of their class schedule.  So far she's taken a fair isle class, and entrelac too.  Two things that I am dying to try!

Anyway...the scarf is pretty straightforward and only nine rows of knitting.  It's a super-easy project that flies by til' row five, and you suddenly have over 300 stitches on your needles.  It doubles every other row so you're binding off a ridiculous amount of stitches at the end.  The bind-off took FOREVER.

So pretty, and such a soft wool.  Too bad I can't wear it now, with this March heatwave!  What a way to welcome in spring.    If I was to become addicted to this pattern and need another, I'd choose a colorful cotton/silk blend.

Next on the needles:  my first commissioned item!  A hat for my hairdresser...coming soon to a blog near you.  :)

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