Friday, March 16, 2012

Princesses and Explorers

On our last two trips to Target, we needed soap for the boys and new toothbrushes.  In the interest of getting the boys to be cooperative for bathtime and teeth time, we let them pick their own stuff.  (Not that either one of them gives us a hard time about these things.  In fact, Sean would brush his teeth all day if we let him.)  Will surprised us and picked out a bottle of bath gel featuring the Disney Princesses.  And do you know what?  We bought it.  He's happy that he got to pick it out himself, and says that it smells "delicious."  (It's vanilla scented.)  Sean fell head over heels in love with a pink toothbrush with Dora the Explorer on it, when I opened the package this morning he was SO EXCITED.  And we're happy that they're happy.  I'm totally cool with them picking out princesses, or Dora.  Their choices don't make them any less boy-ish and I'm thrilled to see them pick something else besides trucks and trains and dinosaurs.  :)  That's right kids, break those gender stereotypes.

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