Friday, March 2, 2012

Beauty, Unexpected.

Last year I knitted a scarf to go with my new navy blue coat.  It was a zig-zag lace pattern, and the yarn was variegated in shades of purple, gray and cobalt blue.  The colorway was called "Midwinter" and I fell in love with it instantly in the Knitpicks catalog.  It's a warm wool and while I love the pattern, I don't know if I'd use this yarn again.  It pills like crazy, and despite a good blocking after completion it rolls up constantly, obscuring the lace pattern.    I got a lot of wear out of it last winter, but not so much this year.   It's been cold, but certainly less snowy.

The inside of my car is a total disaster area.  Toys, papers, a sippy cup or two, and what looks like several pieces of winter wear on and around the passenger seat.  Gloves (mine) hats, a cowl and scarf or two, name it!  Anyway, it snowed yesterday and the day before, so I was sure to have some woolies.  I drove to a construction meeting at my new job, then took a tour of the site and went back to work. 

I came back this morning to do a few more interviews, and I pulled up close to the building.  The first thing to catch my eye was the church next door's back entrance.  The church itself is a simple building, with beige bricks.   I catch a flash of cobalt, purple and gray on the oil delivery pipe.  My scarf!

I parked and then rushed over to it. It was dirty and frozen solid, it must've been swept out of the car when I was loading my stuff into the passenger stuff.  (Anyone that knows me knows that I travel with a plethora of "stuff" at any given time!)  Some thoughtful person found it and draped it there, hoping that the person missing such a pretty thing would notice it.  And a pretty thing was just the "midwinter" thing to beautify the all-white environment.  I only wish that my hands hadn't been full of applicant files, I would have loved to get a photo of it there.

I brought it in to my interview, and it started to thaw.  But no worries, a loving soak in some Eucalan and then re-blocking, followed by a treatment with the pilling comb, and it will be restored to it's original beauty.

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