Thursday, March 8, 2012

Admitting Defeat

Sometimes, although you hate to do it, you have to admit defeat.

Some time ago, I saw a pattern for a gorgeous lace wool cap, and I decided to make it for myself.  I chose a charcoal gray yarn with a little bit of silver shimmer.  (Berroco Flicker)  Off I went, full speed ahead!  I sat watching the Superbowl, knitting furiously, determined to have a finished hat by the end of the game.  (Alas, it was not meant to be, but sooo close!)  After finishing the hat, I thought that it looked a wee bit small.  Nah.....I'm sure it'll stretch.  After all, it looked small on the model in the pattern but she looked pretty good.

Fast foward to last week:  the only snowstorm we had all winter.  I remember my sparkly new hat and pull it on to go to work in the snow. barely covers my ears.  I examine my reflection and come back laughing.....I look ridiculous!

Into the donation bin it goes.  There's got to be someone that this hat will fit and flatter.  Likely, it's going to be a child, a little girl out there that's going to be thrilled with her sparkly new hat.  Rock it, girl!

As for me?  I still have four skeins of the stuff.  A few tweaks to the pattern, and perhaps I'll have my own sparkly lace headwear NEXT winter.  Winter things are kind of already off my radar, I'm dreaming of cottons and spring colors.

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