Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm tired.
I don't sleep well on Sunday nights.
I'm sure that this has something to do with going to work on Monday mornings....but staying up to work on mittens and watch Desperate Housewives doesn't help.
Especially when the episode has a bit of a violent ending, giving me nightmares when I actually get some sleep.
Kind of like my reason for not watching the news late-night, there's nothing happy and just disrupts the sleep.

So, instead of a post that has photos, I'm going to give you five random things from my day.

1.  Pay attention to when you get recall notices about your car.  "Cause nobody likes to get stuck with their car windows open and a fried window switch.  Yes, it'll be free to get taken care of tomorrow.  But A.  it would have been nice to not have to have this be a repair emergency instead of a planned thing.  And B:  taping a big blue trashbag over my window when Hubby gets home from school is going to be a blast.

2.  Know what goes incredibly well with a cheesesteak?  A glass of Pepsi and some sweet potato fries.  Courtesy of my oven.

3.  Every day Will and Sean do something that surprises me.  Today Will came home with a paper flag that he had drawn and I didn't know what country it represented but he did:  Ghana.  And Sean can count!  Sure, he starts at five and ends at ten, but it's a start!

4.  A little boy playing Angry Birds on your phone is a surefire battery-drainer.

5.  Lastly, give your pets an extra big hug tonight.  They deserve it.

'Night, all!  Zzzzzzzzz

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