Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunny Surprises

Sunny Florida:  I got the opportunity to surprise Heather for her baby shower.  It's not often that something is truly a surprise in life, and this one went particularly well.  She and her boyfriend met me at the airport, I just walked up to the car and said "Hey Lady, can I get a ride?!"  She was FLOORED!  She thought it was going to be her brother, so when it turned out to be me she could've been knocked over with a feather.   We had a great extended weekend, with two baby showers, taking the boat out to the Gulf of Mexico, eating, sharing stories from the past and laughing so hard our sides hurt.  It was truly a fantastic, relaxing time.

Well.  The only NON-relaxing part was when I found out that the package of baby things that I had sent the week before hadn't been delivered.  Then it turned out that it had been delivered, but WHERE???  There were a couple of streets with similar names so we did some investigating and left a note at this kind of creepy-looking house.  The next day, I was just settling in for lunch salads with her mom and stepdad when the doorbell rang.  It was a guy...holding my package!  He had gotten my note and brought it over to the correct address.  Turns out his wife was also expecting a baby, and they were getting stuff in the mail too so when they got the box they opened it without looking.  When they opened the box and discovered girly stuff they were like "What the hell?"  They were kind enough to return it, and I won't be spending countless hours knitting things that I had already made and cursing the Post Office.

I came home to a clean house, and not only did the kids behave for Daddy, Daddy had time to move the desk to our new office!  AND set up our new TV stand!  Everything looks great.

Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind.  I'm not looking forward to it, I'm still visualizing the Gulf of Mexico, palm trees and good food and friends who really are family.  But it is good to be home with Brian and my boys!


Kristina said...

sounds like you had a great time. so glad you recovered all your knitted gifts! phew!

adventures in rhode island said...

that sounds like a fantastic get away!! and a fantastic surprise for your friend. SO glad you got the box back, that would have been a disaster, talk about going postal on the post office!!