Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lottery Week

It's kind of an exciting week....lottery week!  Today was the housing lottery for my new building.  76 applications, 30 brand-new apartments.  So in other words....30 thrilled people and 46 well, not so thrilled.  46 people chilling on a waiting list.  That means that the initial application period is now over.  Once I get all of these people entered into the computer, it's all about calls, scheduling interviews, schlepping from my current building to the new one, yada yada yada.  (And I thought I didn't like Seinfeld.  Humph!)  As much work as it is going to be, it's gonna be great.  Why?  Because I got a tour of the building today!!  Oh my word, it is a sight.  I feel like *I* played the lottery, and I'm taking home the jackpot.  Everything is brand spanking new, the office is spacious and has built-in cabinets and file drawers, it's in a nice neighborhood, lots of well-lit  I took cabinets and file drawers for granted when I had them, it's been a couple of years and my files have lived out of boxes and a crappy cabinet from Craigslist.  Stuffing all of my tenant files in drawers has been nothing short of mayhem.  "Will Crafty Mama lose a finger while filing today?  Tune in on the Adventures of Crafty Mama!" *

Tomorrow is a lottery of a different kind:  Will's Kindergarten Lottery.  Honestly, I had kind of forgotten all about it, til my husband reminded me.  (that makes me really glad that the paperwork was sent back the day after we received it.  Good call on my part!)    We're  crossing fingers and toes over here, hoping the Big Kid gets into full-day kindergarten next year.  Or that will be another adventure altogether.

*Probably not, since I haven't filed since October, and that was only because there was a power outage.  But this week the entire company's laptop users were left with no computer access, so I did some filing.  Oh the horror!  (shudder)

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