Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Best Toys

At this stage, the best toys aren't even "toys" at all.  The best toys are commonplace things, like laundry baskets or boxes.  These two boys of mine adore boxes!  And with the furniture that we ordered from Ikea, there was certainly a lot of cardboard.  While I was in Florida, Brian sent me pictures of the boys sitting in their cardboard boxes (which Will lovingly calls a "cabinet") with their blankets, and markers.  Later on the boxes became "planes" so they could fly down to visit Mommy in Florida.  The possibilities are endless.  So while it's driving me a little batty to have ample amounts of cardboard around the house, the creativity that's going around is really great.

We're loving our "new" office and family room.  So much has changed in this house in the past couple of weeks, with moving everything into the office, setting up the family room, etc.  Brian and I agree that the house feels cozier and there's definitely more space in the family room to move around.  There's still some work to be done:  the walls in the office are bare and need some decoration, we're going to get some baskets for the storage unit in the family room and we're going to do away with the toybox.  However so far, we're quite happy with the results.

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