Saturday, January 14, 2012

One Fun Saturday

Saturday....ahhhhhh.  It was a completely chaotic week and I wasn't sorry to have it end.  We all woke up around 8:30am, which is certainly sleeping in!  I am so lucky to have kids that like to sleep.  After a fantastic breakfast of omelettes and potatoes, we were looking for something to do to get out of the house for a bit.  Ikea!!!!

With Sean going into a toddler bed and the boys sharing a room, we'll be finding ourselves with an "extra" room. Look who's getting their office/craft room back!!  And by craft, I just mean yarn stash because under the desk is where it's stored.  We'll send the crib and changing table to the basement for now, take down the Winnie the Pooh border, re-paint the walls a summer sky blue (leftovers from the nursery) and move the desk in there.  Then with the desk out of the family room, we'll be able to turn the whole room into a playroom.  Which is perfect, because that's pretty much what it is already.  Perhaps a little more space can make it so all of these toys are easier to organize.  A Mom can dream, right?  :)

So to Ikea we went, and spent a few hours looking at storage solutions.  We ended up purchasing a new TV stand with lots of storage, and a bookcase.  And all of it was way too big to fit into our car with the boys and their carseats, not to mention the double stroller too.  So it's all being shipped tomorrow.  

After Ikea the boys fell asleep in the car, and Brian suggested that we stop at this place that has cup singles for Keurig machines.  We recently became the owners of a secondhand Keurig, after mulling it over for some time.  Neither of us had ever heard of this place and were pretty intrigued.  As we pulled up in front of the plaza, I went absolutely bonkers.  Not only was there the coffee place, it was next door to a yarn shop!!!!!!  Brian wasn't entirely pleased to stay in the car with the two sleeping princes, but he was a good sport about it.  For his efforts I brought him a cup of coffee, and we got a whole bunch of new coffee cup singles for our Keurig.  The yarn shop was cute, small but lots of gorgeous yarns.  I came out with a couple of skeins to make a cabled winter headband for myself and a hat for Hubby.

I'd defintiely say that our weekend of "Nothing" is certainly off to a good start.  And mine is going to be three days!

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