Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Fine Line Between Love and Hate

I'm inspired by a post today from a blog that I like to read called The Yarnista.  She writes of things that she simultaneously loves/hates.  So here's mine:

--Fountain Pens.  I love how smoothly that they write.  I hate how much they leak.

--Separate shampoo and conditioner:  love the smoothness and softness of my hair for what is a few extra minutes in the shower.  Hate that it takes precious extra minutes to pull off.  (I guess I can add "highlights" to the same list.  Love the look, hate the upkeep!)

--The TV Show "Criminal Minds."  A lot of cringe-worthy cases and creepy, sadistic storylines.  I don't enjoy scaring the bejezus out of myself.  But I love it, I always want to know whodunnit, and the writing is incredible.  Just make sure to save a half-hour comedy in the DVR queue for afterwards.

--The "Stephanie Plum" novels by Janet Evanovich.  So cheesy.  Cheezy, even.  But cheese is delicious.  The past few have brought disappointment, but I have, have, HAVE to know how it ends.  And more importantly, Morelli or Ranger?  Frankly, I'm a Morelli girl.  Though Ranger has his finer points.  (And yes, I am going to see Katherine Heigl in "One for the Money."  That was the first book and IMHO, the best one of the bunch.  Probably wait for it to come to Redbox.)

--Bedtime.  As in my bedtime.  I hate to see my "quiet time,"  what little there is of it, come to an end.  I fight it, not giving in til I've read the same book page twice or start to make knitting mistakes.  Once I'm there though, I'm happy to be there.

G'Night All!

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