Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wake-Up Call

Nothing good comes out of a morning that had you going to bed late the night before, because you couldn't fall asleep.  Adding a toddler crying outside your bedroom door at 4AM, bringing the toddler back to his bed, only to have his older brother fly into your room a few minutes later and crash the bedroom door against the wall, causing you to jump and strain your neck?  Pure chaos. 

We finally got the Big Kid settled, on our bedroom floor.  When he comes in like that and is scared because of nightmares, there's no successful "putting him back to bed."  I know that this phase won't last forever.  (I'm repeating "This too shall pass" right now at this morning hour, at the ungodly 4AM rush I was likely thinking something along the lines of four letter words)  

No sooner do we have him settled, I hear a little cough.  Brian sighs and says "Who's coughing?"  He was really hoping that it was me, but alas, it was not.  I open the bedroom door and there's Sean, lockedin a staring contest with the door.  This is a losing battle, and I need some more sleep, we all do!  I get his little blankie and bring him back, settling him down on the floor next to his brother.  He bursts into tears and I point to his brother and say "Look!  Bubby is sleeping right next to you."  He glances over and, reassured by the presence of his big brother, puts his fingers in his mouth and falls fast asleep.

Brian and I were like the walking dead today, neither one of us could get out of our own way.  It was definitely a "more than two cups of coffee" kind of morning.  But when I woke up and stepped over two sleeping boys, they looked so precious.  And THAT is what I choose to remember about the whole ordeal.  :)

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