Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Boy Bed!

As you can see, someone was VERY excited for his "little boy bed!"  Last night was Sean's first night both in a toddler bed and sharing a room with his Bubby.  Will even made a "Welcome Sean!" sign so that Sean would feel at home in his new bed.  (Never mind he can't read....he did enjoy kicking it like crazy.)  

So, how did he sleep? could have been better.  For one thing, he's not used to having so much freedom.  He must've jumped out of bed and ran around the kitchen about fifty times!  Will came out a few times too, to let us know that Sean had climbed into bed with him.  Both boys didn't go to sleep til about midnight last night, so I see naps in the day today.  I'm really glad that we decided to try this on a weekend.  

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Jenny Schule Photography said...

Aww, I love Will's sign for his brother , that is just too sweet!