Sunday, January 29, 2012

Knits for Heather's Baby

My friend Heather is expecting a baby in February/March.  And I am knitting up a STORM for her!  It's going to be kind of like the Yarn Harlot's baby pile for her friend.  (If you follow her blog, you know what I am talking about.)  Since I can't do what she did and crank out an item a day towards Heather's due date, I am just working on things as I pick them out. 

Why am I doing this......well, because Heather is my oldest friend.  Honestly, she's like a sister to me.  We used to play house with our Cabbage Patch Kids together, we endured junior high together, graduated from HS together, and guess what...we're still sharing life's ups and downs together!  We have a 27-year old friendship, from second grade to today.  And now it's a long-distance relationship because she moved to Florida last year.  So yes, I am knitting stuff for  a baby that is going to be living in Florida.  It's tough to choose knits for a sunshine baby.  But they ARE out there.  And babies need a little warmth from the air conditioning in the Sunshine State.  Reason #2 for these knits is because I am a sucker when it comes to making things for girls.  I love making girly baby things! 

First up:  the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch n Bitch.  This pattern gave me a hard time last year, and I just knew that I would want to do it again and show it who's boss.  And I did!  Even a wayward glass of Pepsi couldn't get in my way.  The blanket is blue and white because the first ultrasound hinted at Baby being a boy.  But you know girls can love blue, too!

Next up is a Sleep Sack for the little lady.  I chose pink, white and green acrylics from my stash, because acrylic is easy care for laundry.   I love these colors together, kind of like a candy stripe.  The buttons on the bottom make it so you can change Baby's diaper without taking off the cozy sack.  Ingenious of the patternmaker, no?  :)

And of course, a sweet little baby sweater.  This is the "Threes" Cardigan, which I nicknamed "Three's Company."  Because Baby will make three, although a different "three" than the TV show was all about!  It's purple cotton yarn, which is perfect for a Florida Baby.

Last but not least, a cotton lace hat.

Can't wait to meet you, Miss M!

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