Friday, December 16, 2011

The Virginia Shawl

As 2011 is starting to wind down, I am looking for my newest knitting project.  To be honest, nothing has really excited me recently.  I had mentioned a LONG time ago about a pattern that I was interested in, it's a triangular shawl.  "Shawl" just sounds so...OLD to me.  I mean, it's mentioned in the Little House on the Prairie books.  "Laura wrapped herself in Ma's old shawl to get more wood for the fire."  Not exactly the image that I had in mind.  I am really into neckwear lately though:  scarves, shawls, and the getting-popular shawlette.  And not just for cold winter days, either.  So in browsing my Ravelry queue, I found said triangular shawl again, and in looking at the pattern, I was excited to learn that there are different ways to wear it.  In reading the pattern through, it looks rather easy. So casting on TONIGHT!  In a beautiful wool yarn called "Dream in Color Smooshy" in a fuschia/purple colorway.  This was already in my stash too, so it's not breaking my self-imposed "yarn diet."

I was born to knit this thing, after all it's called The Virginia Shawl.  Fitting, no?  Can't wait to see how this all comes together,  this first project for 2012. 

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