Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nothing Says "Merry Christmas" like Two-Year Molars

Poor Seanie.  Those two-year molars are making my bud miserable.  Teeth have always been tough for him though.  Turns out some snuggling and Tylenol were just what the Doctor ordered.  Oh, and the piano player from "The Snowman Band."  It's especially funny to have Mommy start singing along and then turn it off to see if Mommy can sing without the back-up.  Kind of like my own singing gameshow!

All of the Christmas wrapping for the boys is done.  We took an hour tonight and did it quickly, before anyone could jump out of bed, looking for a glass of water or complain that he "wasn't tired."  And man, it feels so good to get that out of the way!!  No 1:00am wrapping in sleep deprivation, cursing.  Yeah!!!

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