Tuesday, December 27, 2011

100 Things in 1,001 Days

I'm not one for making New Year's Resolutions.  They always seem to be the same thing....things that you feel like you HAVE to do.  "Lose weight."  "Stop Smoking."  "Join a Gym."  Blah.  

Recently though,  I heard about this curious thing called the Day Zero Project.  Or perhaps its better-known name, "100 Things in 1,001 days."

Here's what it entails:  the participant makes a list of 100 things that he/she would like to accomplish in the next 1,001 days.  (roughly three years)  You can put anything on your list:  self-improvement items, volunteering, silly stuff...but it has to  be clearly defined so when it is finished you get to cross it off.

I took over a week to write mine, and I made it hit a lot of categories.  There are books that I've always wanted to read, parties I've wanted to throw, places to visit with the boys, etc etc etc.  I also asked my husband for some input (since he is my biggest motivator/cheerleader), and borrowed some ideas from other people's lists.  

Here is my list:  Due Date September 28, 2014. I won't blog about every single one, but have created a separate page so people who are interested can click on the tabs above to see what I've accomplished.  Now.....just have to pick out the first one and get moving!  Care to join me in making your own, or have your own going already?  Leave me a comment so I can make sure to follow you!  

100 Things in 1,001 Days

1.  Read "Anna Karennina" by Leo Tolstoy
2.  Rent a dumpster and clean out the basement
3.  See Les Miserables
4.  plan a family trip to Disney World
5.  perfect macaroni and cheese from scratch
6.  learn colorwork in knitting that’s not just stripes
7.  send a box of handmade baby items to Stitches from the Heart every six months
8.  take a sewing class
9.  plan a better vegetable garden
10.  go away for a weekend to a bed and breakfast
11.  visit three new restaurants in Central MA
12.  take the kids to the following places in PA:  Sesame Place, Crayola Factory and the “Please Touch” Museum.
13.  organize all of the photos into albums
14.  make a donation to a food pantry every quarter
15.  get our wedding video transferred to a DVD copy
16.  Participate in the “Ravelympics” and Go For the GOLD!!!
17.  Participate in NaBloPoMo once.
18.  Give up subscriptions to womens’ magazines
19.  Practice three acts of random kindness
20.  Trade in old, faded purse for something new and swanky
21.  Fold a paper airplane
22.  Read the Harry Potter series
23.  Drive a convertible
24.  try yoga
25.  give a 100% tip
26.  start a charm bracelet
27.  take a cake decorating class
28.  let the boys splash and play in puddles
29.  take the boys to their first drive-in movie
30.  go kayaking
31.  Attend a state fair
32.  Write a love letter to my husband
33.  Try a new hairstyle
34.  Get pictures done in a photo booth
35.  Get a tattoo
36.  Picnic in a park
37.   Ride in a hot air balloon
38.  Buy a lottery ticket
39.  Go ice skating
40.  Watch 5 classic movies
41.  Plant flower boxes
42.  take a “knife skills” cooking class
43.  Build a sandcastle with the boys
44.  build a snowman with the boys
45.  go tent camping
46.  Floss every day for a month
47.  Start taking a multivitamin and continue for a month
48.  Be part of a cookie exchange party
49.  Watch 5 movies from the American Film Institute’s Top 100 list
50.  See a Flyers home game with Brian.
51.  Send a secret to Postsecret
52.  Go to the beach once every summer
53.  Successfully knit a pair of socks.
54.  Mow the lawn myself
55.  send flowers to someone “just because”
56.  learn how to play either Gin or Rummy
57.  visit the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Burlington, VT
58.  Make Baked Alaska
59.  Eat at a Spanish restaurant and speak no English while there.
60.  spend a day in Northampton with just my Mom.
61.  write a short story
62.  use the snowblower by myself
63.  learn how to throw a football with my kids
64.  Play flashlight tag outdoors
65.  Have a yard sale
66.  Dye yarn again with my friends
67.  make lemonade from scratch
68.  bake homemade cinnamon rolls
69.  write the boys letters each year for their birthdays
70.  read all of my old diaries
71.  Make four different kinds of soup from scratch that I have never tried to make before.
72.  Put our house on the market.
73.  Switch banks
74.  Cash in our change jar.
75.  Bake fresh bread, not in a bread machine
76.  Ask my parents to tell stories of our family’s past, and write them down.
77.  Renew our passports
78.  Visit three local yarn shops that I have never been to.
79.  Replace the kitchen trash can with a fancy “Simple Human” one.
80.  Open “Joy of Cooking” to a random page and make something on that page.
81.  get black and white photos taken of our family.
82.  write a fan letter/email
83.  Knit sweaters for my husband and children
84.  Repaint my front door
85.  treat myself to a spa day
86.  take part in a  yarnbombing project
87.  Finish up paperwork to close BVWA
88.  let the boys have a sleepover
89.  Donate supplies to the shelter that we adopted Joey from, once a year.
90.  Give up soda for a month
91.  Go through all of our cookbooks, get rid of some that we aren’t using to make room for new ones
92.  take the boys to a baseball game
93.  go snow tubing
94.  clean out my bedroom closet
95.  donate blood
96.  Host a dessert party
97.  complete a crossword
98.  play every board game that we own, get rid of the ones that we no longer enjoy
99.  Visit Washington, D.C.
100.   Put $5 in our savings account for every item not completed. 


Kim Tprnatola said...

Sounds fabulous! And looks like something I should do....I'm always making 'lists'.

Magee K. said...

Yay! I love your list!