Friday, April 29, 2011

That Sweet Little Sweater

Back in October while in New York for my wedding anniversary, I sweet-talked Hubby into going to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio with me.  Being my first-ever trip to NYC at the ripe old age of 33, I had no idea when I would be back so I really wanted to go!

I chose a sweater pattern for Sean, and had a difficult time picking yarn for it.  Grey?  Blue?  Black?  Paprika to be exact.  It just jumped out at me....and I must admit, I do like burnt orange.  So four skeins in my bag....and I threw the yarn into the stash and kind of forgot about it. 

When I finally started the sweater, I was amazed at how quickly it knit up.  I started it on a Wednesday night at my Knitting Meetup, half an hour before closing time.  I would have had it finished in time for the meetup the following Wednesday, but that annoying thing called Real Life got in the way!  I finished it on Easter Sunday at my parents house, it was part of an amazing feat where I finished three works-in-progress in less than a 24 hour period!  (the sweater, a scarf for my friend Michael and a charity hat, what a miracle!)  I got these really great orange wooden buttons too, they have a "distressed" look and coordinate perfectly.   I made one modification to the pattern; opting for a collar instead of the hood.  (P.S. it only took two of the four skeins.  But I've learned that lesson before, I'd rather have too much of the yarn-in-progress than not enough!!)

I know of more than a few babies being born this year, and as soon as I find out the sex of one of them, I am going to make one more baby sweater.  Then it's time:  I have picked out a sweater pattern for ME.  I am hoping to find the yarn that I will need at Webs tent sale next month.  The pattern is Ditto, by Berocco Design Team.    Say it with me...I think I can, I think I can!

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