Monday, April 18, 2011

A Trip to the Candy Store

While out and about enjoying the mall and Build-A-Bear yesterday, we crossed paths with a Sephora store.

If you don't know, Sephora sells probably every fancy brand of makeup, including their own line.  Not to mention fancypants fragrances and some higher-end hair products.

As a former (but still at times) beauty junkie, I was intoxicated by the mere sight of it.  I said to my husband, "I'm almost out of eye makeup remover.  I'm going in there to get some."  He said OK, he was just going to do some loops with the boys while I found my stuff.  And that is how I found myself in "the candy store" sans children.

"BK" (before kids) Crafty Mama would've spent a hundred bucks in there without blinking an eyelash.  She would have gotten the aforementioned eye makeup remover, taken the time to ooh and aah over the makeup brush bouquets, sampled the lipsticks, squealed with delight over the mineral makeup and tried out a smoky eye makeover for her beautiful brown eyes.

Post Child Crafty Mama:  well first of all, my hairstyle was post-windstorm and held out of my face with my sunglasses.  I had on jeans, rubber-soled brown "comfy" shoes from Land's End and a brown and pink t-shirt from a family vacation to the Outer Banks three years ago.  (which I feel the need to mention, hasn't fit until recently.  So that's something to be happy about!)  I should also mention that I didn't have on a droplet of makeup.  That is because on weekends I don't wear makeup!  During the week is one thing, but on weekends, what you see is what you get.  Anyway, I stepped into the Cosmetics Mecca and found my eye makeup remover.  Expensive stuff.  I took one look at the line, put the bottle down and walked out.  Brian gave me a strange look when I sauntered up to him and the boys, without a bag.  He nodded in understanding though, when I gestured towards the store and said "No way was I waiting in that line!"  

Later on we were in JC Penney, picking out a white dress shirt for Brian to wear to a wedding, when I was delighted to discover that JC Penney has a mini-Sephora in their store!  I found what I was looking for and then checked out quickly.  My cashier was a man in his late twenties, who made his black Sephora smock look like haute couture and had the most beautiful smooth, hydrated, flawless skin I have EVER seen, on a man or a woman.    It was all I could do not to take his hands in mine and beg "What is your secret????"  Purchase rung up, I proudly informed Hubby that I had saved six bucks by buying Sephora-brand eye makeup remover instead of my usual brand.  I was genuinely excited about it, too.  JC Penney was the cap to our day, and after a trip to the bathroom for the big kid, we were all in the car, comfy and happy and headed home.  Another fun day, spent together with my family.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don't recognize my "mom" self.  But I wouldn't trade her for all the manicures and makeovers in the world.

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The Caffeinated Mommy said...

So sweet! And I completely understand where you're coming from. ;-)