Friday, April 15, 2011

"It Spoke to Me"

Lately, I've been in a wee bit of a rut, knitting-wise. 

Sure, I've worked on some stuff. 

I finished my silver lace shawl for Tracy and Michael's wedding on 4/30. 

I made a baby blanket for Stitches from the Heart, the same charity that I donated all of the baby hats to.  It ended up being a bigger project than I was looking for at the time....but I think it came out quite nicely.

I knit and sewed up (mostly, almost there!) a cardigan sweater for Sean.  I've got one seam left, and then just getting some buttons and knitting the hood.  Though I'm not completely sold on the hood just yet.  (This sweater is going to be a whole 'nother blog post when it's done. )

And I've got another charity project in the works, I'm calling it "Mitten Mayhem,"  and they'll likely be donated to Knit for Boston.   I started back in January, and I've got four pairs already.  Every single pair is so far crafted from bits and pieces of other projects that I've completed.  I'm trying to bust down the stash a bit before the big trip to Webs next month! yes, I've knitted.  But I haven't had that all-emcompassing, "Oh My God....I have GOT to make that!  I can't wait to see what this looks like!  And wow, this yarn is so soft!"  feeling.

Until the other day, I was browsing The Yarnista, and she featured a shawl that she had made with her yarn that she hand-dyes, Three Irish Girls Yarn.   The name of the shawl is  The Virginia.  Yes!!!  It is the prettiest lace shawl, not too foufy and simply gorgeous.  And with a name like that.....I feel that I am destined to make it.  For myself!  A Virginia wearing "The Virginia."   

So I guess the next question the stash, or check out Three Irish Girls!  Ok, ok, HUBBY, I'll shop the stash.  :)  Actually, I have something already in mind.  But I have Three Irish Girls on bookmark for sure.

Sometimes projects really do speak to you...instead of you finding them they find you.  This is certainly my next project.  I can't wait!


Brian Given said...

Shop the stash, absolutely. Here's the deal, any projects completely from stash yarn earn you a back massage. Feel free to delete this comment and not post it if you prefer.

Alicia said...

Just a heads up- Webs has some awesome yarn on sale. I found a few on sale, and also found some noro in the clearance section. Can't beat it for $2! Anyhow, congrats on all your stash projects. I'm trying to do the same. Hope you and the rest of the knitting group have a fun outing at Webs!