Sunday, April 17, 2011

A New Dog Friend

I am sure that Older Will may probably be embarrassed later about this....but since I'm his Mom, I'll take the heat later.

We made a very special trip to Build-A-Bear today!  We had promised Will that once he was potty-trained, we would take him to make a new friend there.  And today was the day!  He has been in underwear all week at school AND at home!  I'm so very thrilled that he has reached this milestone!

Ladies and Gents---meet SuperDog!  He is Will's new sidekick and he absolutely adores him.  I love him too, he's an adorably fluffy pup and I'm thrilled for him to join us.


adventures in rhode island said...

woohoo!! GO WILL!! that is awesome!! :) congrats to you both, actually! :)

toastqueen said...

Congratulations, Will! (and Mom and Dad!)