Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Annual Random Christmas Post

A Random Post, the Sunday before Christmas:

1.  Wow, I have baked all weekend!  Will decorate gingerbread and sugar cookies tonight with the boys and then take them to the fire and police stations on Tuesday, along with a pound of coffee.  I'm thinking that this should be a new family tradition, a way of saying "Thank you" to our first responders in our town.

2.  We're totally losing on the wrapping front.  I started early but it's not looking like it's going to matter.

3.  I hate laundry.  And dishes.  I've done enough of both this weekend to wonder about their reproduction cycle, I think it rivals rabbits.

4.  Looking like a GREEN Christmas this year!  I don't care, the 63-degree weather with windows open is a treat.

5.  Sean's sweater has gained one sleeve, and I'll pick up stitches to start the second one later on today.  He'll look a little strange with only one sleeve, kind of like an elephant trunk.

6.  You know...for a sweater that wasn't meant to be a Christmas project, it could happen.  I probably can't block it in time but maybe.  Trying not to push myself too terribly hard on this.  Just saying though...if the knitting could come together and be finished tonight and I get it on the blocking mat early tomorrow......

7.  ...of course, I AM working tomorrow.  The rest of the family will be home (Bugger!) but tomorrow is my last day of work til the 31st.

8.  I should've taken the 31st off, too.  Darn you, sense of responsibility.

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