Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's My Birthday!!!!

I woke up briefly at 4am today and with dread....yep.  I'm 37 today.  37 sounds so, so much older than 36.  But Brad Pitt woke up yesterday staring at I'm feeling pretty good.

When I woke up and got out of bed I was my usual birthday and ready to party.  That's the Sagittarius taking over.  It's my birthday today, let's party!

It's the first birthday I've had in like 10 years that I didn't take the day off work.  I'm kind of a princess that way, but it's the only princess-y thing about me.  It's gonna be a good day though, Chinese food with co-workers, a pedicure this afternoon, my parents are cooking spaghetti at my house, gifts and time with my family, and my husband made me an incredible-looking chocolate cake.  I say "incredible-looking" because I didn't have any for breakfast.  That doesn't mean I wasn't tempted.  After Will got on the bus I treated myself to reruns of The Big Bang Theory and knitting the hem of Sean's sweater.  (What can I say....I'm easy to please.)   And I wasn't late to work!   My phone has exploded with Happy Birthday texts and Facebook postings, someone sent me an online gift card for a Starbucks fancy's a great day.

37, you are going to be a great year.   And Brad.....50 will be a good year for you, too.

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