Thursday, December 19, 2013

Knitting: Goals and Progress

It's nearing the end of the year, so my inner geek is checking the knitmeter.  Here's the 2013 progress report:

Number of finished projects:  41  (at time of writing this, could possibly be 43.)

Number of miles of yarn incorporated in these projects:  9.38 miles.  If I finish Sean's sweater by 12/31 (and it's looking good, provided that Webs ship the additional yarn needed quickly) it will be about 9.70 miles.  Last year I had over ten miles, and the year before was 12.5 miles.  (I knit faster and more when stressed out, and 2011 was apparently a stressful year.)   Still, 9.70 miles is fantastic!

Did I learn any new skills this year?  Looking back at my projects, no.  But I did get better at other things, like seaming, cables and lace.

Goals and Ideas for 2014:

It's gonna be another great year, knit-wise.

First, and this one is a surprise:  starting on 1/1/14, I am only going to knit from my stash.  That's right, I'm going on a yarn diet, and I will not be buying any more yarn until the Webs tent sale in May.  I will attempt to stay strong, in order to save up for a big surprise family trip in April.

And then the big news, to me anyway:  Webs has a colorwork class that's four Sunday afternoons, and each session the student learns a kind of colorwork.  After the third try to sign up, I got in!  I'll be learning fair isle, intarsia and entrelac this winter/spring!   Yes, I know that I could learn these things at home, alone.  But it turns out, sometimes my teacher is a nut and gets easily confused.  :)  So this is sooooo gonna be worth it!  Hence, this workshop series is the reason why the yarn diet starts on 1/1...I have to order specific yarn/colors to learn the techniques.

MORE charity projects, starting with the Hats for Halos of Hope.   I've got two patterns ready to go right after Christmas, and yarn in my stash.  One is the "Dean Street Hat"  and the other is called "Foliage."  Both use chunky yarn so they'll knit up quickly.  And of course, hats and blankets for Stitches from the Heart.

I also say that 2014 is going to be the Year of the Sweater.  After Sean's is done, I have patterns picked out for both Will and Brian.  I really want to make a sweater for myself too, and we'll see what the year brings.

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